Episode 10 - Getting Ahead of Ourselves

We hit the double digits baby!  After a crazy St. Patty's day directly into a weekend at C2E2, we are exhausted.  We learned new things too, like how Quiddich is played for real, the true level of nerd we are, and that "Midwest Jedi" suck balls.  Mark also tells Zach he has to watch a Uwe Boll movie, which as we all know is a crime against humanity, and we watch the trailer for Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula




  1. three things.
    - great show! it just may be my favorite!
    - it seems like no matter what yall talk about, you end up discussing love/hookups/relationships.. it gives me a giggle.
    - horribly entertaining movie suggestion.. dirty love. its aweful, its hilarious, its perfect for you. just watch it.

  2. Consider it watched. Glad you like what we're putting down! Yes ma'am to be worked on soon


  3. keep in mind, its horrible. but i'm sure that you appreciate a good crappy movie every once in a while.
    p.s. get busy ;)