About Us

Zach grew up in the armpit of America, New Jersey.  After two decades of suffering, he packed his hobo bandanna on a stick and made the arduous journey to Florida, where he attended Fullsail University for Film.  It was there that he met Dan Huffman, who hailed from Illinois and would later go on to start the Bob and Dan Cast (but I'm getting ahead of myself).  After graduation Zach got a job offer that would take him up to Illinois as well, and as fate would have it just down the road from Mr. Huffman.  A few years later and a few Visual FX jobs under the belt, Zach's computer exploded giving him the free time needed to put together the most glorious podcast you haven't listened to...

Mark grew up in the Midwest in the number 1 city to raise a family, St. Charles, IL. Leaving high school with aspirations in chemistry and math, philandered about in school for a year or seven, and finally settled on baking and culinary arts. Having been a nerd of such genres as: table top gaming; trading card games; and original computer gaming; Mark kept up with media and technology in his spare time when he should have been sleeping. Having his personal life blow up in a firey explosion caused him to have the free time needed to put together the most glorious podcast you haven't listened to...

The Show
One day a long time ago Zach was listening to his college buddies podcast and thought to himself "Hey, that's pretty damn cool."  So he set out to put together his own weekly show about the two things he enjoyed the most, useless Pop Culture and Life.  But Zach came from a long proud line of procrastinators and slackers, and decided that not doing anything for a year was the best course of action.  So one fateful day Mark came home and was immediately cornered by Zach and threatened into doing a Podcast.  Mark had no choice but to oblige.  A few weeks later (and dozens of names for the show) Our Four Cents was born, just two normal guys talking about the latest buzz, and things we just can't wrap our heads around

What started as a voice in the background, Tim quickly impressed Mark and Zach enough to be considered for the rigorous position of Intern.  Interns at OFC aren't the usual interns.  They need to have extra gusto, moxie, and balls.  We essentially profited off of Tim's professional life of knowing people in the local film business and have branched out to have actual important guests on the show.  Tim has since been promoted to HIICOOI, or Head Intern in Charge of other Interns.