Episode 26 - Critical Analysis

Warning!  This week Zach is provoked into a 10 minute analysis on Doctor Who during an impromptu discussion on Sci-fi original shows. (I refuse to say Syfy)  Also this week we read a stockpile of advice letters and other amazing things.

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Mark and Zach (with no preference, listed in alphabetical order),

    1. Don't go to Outback- it is disgusting! If you want a good steak, go to Foxfire- way more delicious and bug free.
    2. Enjoyed The Black Keys music in this episode. Traveled this summer and had a dinner with a couple that had just gotten engaged at Bonaroo- thought of you and your travels. They of course got engaged at The Black Keys show which is why I thought of this now.
    3. Actually girls really like musicians- why do you think John Mayer gets all the ladies- it certainly isn't because he is super nice or good looking.
    4. Women do actually like nice guys- did you guys ever think that maybe you all are just attracted to the bitchy women who like to be treated like crap?

    Love ya both,