Episode 51 - Apparently

This week on the show Mark has a mini meltdown during Real Steel because he loves Boxing Movies more than 100 episodes of this podcast could convey.  Some Headlines get thrown into the mix, and we answer some Adventure Time Trivia to settle on the next turn for the Movie Chess Game since we watched all 5 Trancers.  Zach would like them to make more by the way...

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  1. You two delve into the world of British television shows versus American television shows in this episode and it led to a topic that I'd like to elaborate on.

    The first season, that of which is only 6 episodes long, was admittedly terrible and difficult to get through. While that may have been mentioned, Zach only watched the first 2 before giving up. Then you guys discuss Heroes, where Zach says he has only ever told someone to suffer through Heroes to get to season 4.

    I have two words for you: Dr. Who.
    Mark and Zach, I wish I could ban you from all of the joy, brilliance and laughter that is infused within Parks & Rec, but this is America. And as a woman, I have no say in anything. Also, I wonder which NBC show isn't benched this season...

    P.S. Don't you dare tell me to watch my mouth