Episode 1 - Absolutely

IT'S HERE IT'S HERE! That's right, the first episode of Our Four Cents has dropped! Mark and Zach attempt to explain what you and them are getting into, Super Bowl picks are made, and we tell you to watch a really really bad, but incredible movie.

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  1. Good stuff guys keep it coming!

  2. So presently still watching Croc and well its the most horrible piece of awesome i have ever seen. i dont know whats worse the as you have said "80's stock footage" for the "great" acting by all. also if you noticed the the Croc shots (hehe) look like that croc from the show at the beginning of the movie. also as cinematography is concerned they change styles like 30 times in the movie and it makes for an uneven movie but all and all its the best piece of crap ive ever watched. if i was stranded with a working tv and dvd player with unlimited power and i had only 2 movies Croc or the live action Dragonball movie i would pick Croc every time and use Dragonball as a Frisbee...

  3. Croc needs more Reb Brown.