Episode 2 - Expletive Deleted

In this weeks episode, Mark and Zach chat about "The Dark Knight Rises", The "Live Action Simpsons Porn Trailer", and the differences between "No Strings Attached" and "Friends with Benefits". Zach also swears like a sailor, and he is sorry.



  1. You tom hardy is awesome regardless of him only being in a few movies that some people may not of seen him in or thought he didn't do well in... so i rest my case that even though bane is a very short in the dark villian he'll do a great job with the role... jerks :-)

  2. Hey what's up this is Danny B.

    I've heard rumors that Kai is not going to bother redoing the Buu Saga. Which really grinds my gears, I was really looking forward to seeing a watchable version of Dragonball Z with a competent dub that doesn't sound like it was written/recorded by a bunch of texans who smoked too much hash before they walked into the soundbooth.

  3. It was brought to my attention that Hardy is in a movie called "Bronson" to which he is HUGE, proving that there is no need for CGI in TDKR.

    I was looking forward to a Kai version of the Buu Saga since it was an ungodly amount of episodes. Butler we gotta get you on here once we start having "guests"

  4. Here's my two cents...

    The absolutely jar needs to have a ticker of total coins on your site. If you are actually keeping a total. Would be a funny little thing at the beginning or ending of each episode to throw out.

    You guys could try a rant on anime turned into live-action movies and how some suck pretty bad(Dragonball) and some are amazing. I know it's not every ones interest but you can also throw in comics and games to movie format.

    Also the musical gaps seem a tad long.

    Good episode boys!

  5. http://io9.com/5744254/witness-the-most-face+melting-action-scenes-from-enthiran-the-indian-terminator
    for if you liked croc ;-)

  6. Like your podcast! I liked "No Strings Attached".. not interested in the other one. Kevin Kline is great in it (love him.) I hate chick flicks, but I gave it a shot because I'm obsessed with Natalie Portman right now. It has a few funny moments, but the last 20 minutes are pure chick flick.

    Your argument on Mila Kunis- Mila Kunis is also the voice of Meg Griffin on Family guy... so don't forget that, long run on that- also she dated Macaulay Culkin, which takes a lot...