Episode 3 - Goin Home to Feed my Wife

A momentous occasion as we are joined by our first guests, Tim Voelker and Tony Wash. Join in as we ATTEMPT to talk about the Oscars, which as you'll see, doesn't work out according to plan. Mark and Zach also promise to not have guests again until they get better microphones.



  1. 14 dinks(total)

    Another two cents...

    Da Bears did a lot better than what they were predicted to do. A winning season wasn't even really thought possible, so for them heading to the playoffs(even though losing in the first game) was a good season in my book. They were extremely lucky i want to say in the first 6 games or so but after wards they really got their act together and played some good games.


    I like how the music gaps were shortened, made the editing seem more smooth and flowed well.

    Also having two conversations going made the episode pretty interesting. Was able to make out what was going on most of the time so it wasn't an issue, like the hosts had told me it would be before the show had aired. Or Zach might just be a god at editing and volume control, who knows?

    Oh and also I do more than walk around, I turn things off and on and call in tech. support to fix things. Thank you mark.

  2. I'm pretty sure the "ladies" would love to tell you whether you are right or wrong. being a lady myself, i'd like to know what exactly the question was... :)