Episode 5 - Its Just called The Middle

Things get heated when someone claims New Jersey is a part of New England, Mark and Zach watch quite possibly the worse movie EVER made and follow it up with a first viewing of Punch Drunk Love, and a bad date is critically analyzed. And when you're done listening to this, why don't you mosey over to the Bob and Dan Cast and listen in, Zach forced his way onto the show



  1. I've been listening to you for over a month and figured it was time I give my three cents about a few things you have mentioned. First off Pete Postelwaithe was a legend in his own right. You failed to mention his best film roles in my opinion. First Alien 3, second Lost World JP, and third The Town where he gets his balls blown off by Affleck. As far as girls shaving off their eye brows, im gonna chalk that up to extreme insecurity and the desire to look like Whoopi Goldberg. Ive learned alot from listening to you over the first five podcasts. Firstly, never expect a date with someone from Craiglist to go well. Secondly, never talk about Geography (New Jersey is most certainly not a part of New England Mark). And lastly never play cards with someone named after a state. Keep up the good work and get knox a grant....

  2. Enjoying catching up on the Podcasts over my spring break... my thoughts thus far :)
    1. Mark and Zach- you are still hilarious, I've almost spilled my diet coke several times laughing so hard.
    2. Mark, you deserved my anger on your 21st birthday- stupid babysitting 19 year old drunk people for 4 hours (I was not mad about Mark's actual drunkeness)
    3. Don't beep the cursing... I did not like that episode!
    4. Glad to hear the full story about the craigslist date... made me smile :)
    5. Love all of the pop culture references- I agree with Mark, Two and a Half Men is awful!