Episode 6 - Cooled Hubris

The Prodigal Fathers return, Bob and Dan join us for a chat and a half. Revelations are brought to table regarding Ducktails and an Oscar Nominated film(See Below), We chat about an insane French film that rocked our minds, and watch the X-Men First Class Trailer. A lot of other topics are talking about, too many to mention here.



  1. EP.6 and still going strong great job guys.ty for your advice u guys are gods among simple men.........

  2. Thank you for naming the episode after something I said. I always do the naming on our show, so no one has ever done that for me... tearing up a little bit.

    Also the episode was good. Keep it up sisters (we're sisters in podcasting)

  3. First time listener. Good stuff! I'll be back.