Episode 13 - Hater's Gonna Hate

This week on the show we are joined by a man that Keyser Söze doesn't believe exists, Tony Sirianni. He sits down with us to discuss the new Thundercats show, or Voltron. He's not sure. Mark also comes to Zach looking for advice, but Zach doesn't care because he saw his favorite band ever this week, the World/Inferno Friendship Society.
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  1. why is tony whispering? or is he in another room?

  2. its mainly cause the guest mic we have is a $20 gold karaoke microphone. we're working on a limited budget Macam...


  3. Have tony on for every show

  4. omg lost my comment any way first mortal kombat legacy episode one worth watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s6UiEuCYXA&feature=channel_video_title
    when it comes to spawn macfarlane is re-envisioning spawn in a low-budget live action movie that he is writing,producing and directing. says he can do it for like 10 million or something around there sounds intriguing.
    on dark tower its more then what mark said its as io9 states "Howard and Goldsman are set to announce a deal with Universal that will tell the Dark Tower story across the company's television and movie platforms. The plan is to start telling the story in a huge, epic movie — then continue it in a season of the television series, using all the same cast. Then after that, put out the second movie, continuing the story from the "bridge" TV series. After the second film, they'll air a second season of the TV series, this time focusing on the main character, gunslinger Roland Deschain, as a young man. (This'll be based on the Marvel Comics series, which King was heavily involved in plotting.) Then the third film will complete the story of the older Deschain, finishing out the saga. They're hoping that sharing sets, cast and crew for the movie trilogy and TV series will save money."
    and i think i had something else but again i lost it when i tried to post it lol great show see ya soon