Episode 14 - Never Order the Meatloaf While at Dinner with your Godfather

WARNING:  The following episode of Our Four Cents contains conversations about the Godfather Trilogy which may anger some folk.  This week we are joined by that voice you occasionally hear in the background, Tim Voelker who had ulterior motives for being on the show.  Also discussed, the epic movie Pootie Tang, a long drawn out panel on Waiter Ethics, and the age old question of ordering a certain dish on first dates...

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  1. Took a piss after listening and gave the superman a try......I got a new style its switching kung fu styles. snake to mantis son

  2. i really just dont understand this whole meatloaf issue... ?

  3. Hi all- Lindsay here :) <-- That is for you Zach. First, I find meatloaf delicious, but I would not order it on a date (though I did eat it at one of Wolfgang Puck's fantastic restaurants). Also, I feel that you need to have a female guest on your show... mostly because I think it would be fascinating or a horrible disaster. Love you all!