Episode 16 - Post Premiere Celebration

After attending a premiere of a local independent short (which was at a bar) we sat down with Tony Wash of Episode 3 fame, and we were sort of drunk.  We discuss SETI closing down, read comments (long overdue), and for some reason Zombies come back into the swing of things.  Also Mark finds a poll that will answer if his and Zach's friendship will escalate to a Magneto/Xavier show down.

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  1. DEVLIN-thought your list for best friends was funny. Was thinking if you two we're to battle what super powers would you select and why which one of you would win.........after that discussion let tim be the judge of who would win. ps...lando is the shit...church!!!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words about the premiere, glad you enjoyed it! Keep up the good work on the 'cast, it's fun to listen to.

    I've got 5$ to throw into a new mic fund so the world can hear your guests ;-)

  3. Ali- Amen to that!! I'll throw in another $5.