Episode 17 - The Guise of a Children's Show

Sometimes under extreme situations a persons true colors show.  This week Mark and Zach prove they are huge nerds after a lengthy discussion on Marvel vs. DC, the amazingness and awesomeossidy that is Adventure Time, and the antics of the time traveling Doctor Who.  Mark also finds ways to wash the stank off his soul after watching Gummo. 

Make sure you pay attention for the mention of Our Four Cents first official CONTEST!!!  Autographed prints are at stake (the image below is one of the many choices of prints!!!)

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  1. DEVLIN-Great show guys I learned alot about the comic book universe. One question...what is the significance (if any) of the dates on your pennys on your logo? Ps.....the flash is the shit don't give the flash the aquaman treatment .....church!!!