Episode 18 - The 18th One

So my hard drive that i keep the files on crashed, but after a long weekend i recovered the file! Yay Zach!  Hence the super inventive episode title, my brain is fried.

Topics this week as such:  The massive Cancellation of more then 65 TV shows, Zachs poor Sport related bet making practices, and an announcement or two about the future of your favorite podcast this side of podville

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  1. Having someone off mic for most of the show is really distracting and frustrating because you can't always hear them clearly and it sounds like a high school podcast. You guys can do better.

  2. Heroes was fantastic it's first season? Really?

    And you're right. I was overjoyed to hear of Outsourced's cancellation. Unfortunately, that news was followed by the news of Flapjack's similar demise... bittersweet.

    And Mark has Castle pegged. It was never good, but Fillion makes it watchable.